Since its humble beginnings as a sister company to Mike Carroll and Rick Howard's Girl Skateboards, Chocolate has grown into one of the more influential brands in skateboarding's surrounding culture. Now 20 years later, with legends like Gino Iannucci and young gun Elijah Berle on the roster, the company shows no signs of slowing.
Dillan Barmache can't speak, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have anything to say. In fact, Dillan has complex and powerful thoughts, and thanks to easily accessible technology paired with innovative apps, you can hear his perspective. Dillan, who is autistic and nonverbal, is the star of a new short film created by Apple to celebrate Autism Acceptance Day.
A few days ahead of NYC's hectic and inspiring Armory Week, Scope and Pulse Art Fairs, we embarked upon an overhaul of our NYC City Guide. While there were some stalwarts that needed to be added, New York City's ever-evolving nature means plenty of brand new spots made the list.